Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bucket List Update

It doesn't seem possible, at all, that we're anywhere near feeling spring-like, but I just checked my bucket lists from previous years, and I always post a spring bucket list around March 15th. Wha??? Is it possible that in just three weeks it'll be so springy that I won't be able to resist starting seeds and buying herb plants? (The short answer: no. I am not going to try to have a garden this year. I'm too busy and it never works anyway and I'm just going to work hard at things I love doing, that also bring in money, and buy my vegetables at the grocery store like normal people. Case closed.) Truthfully, I haven't even started thinking about my spring bucket list because it's just so glecky out. But I figured I should look over my winter bucket list and see what's left undone, just in case. ;)

So, here's my progress so far:

1. Go star or moongazing - I've been doing pretty well at taking a few minutes each clear night to enjoy the heavens. It's been both aided and hampered by the fact that it's been so ridiculously cold, which means the skies are super clear, but I freeze solid within minutes. I've also been started stopping to watch the sunset after swim on Tuesdays and Thursdays (when I'm alone).

2. Start a summer vacation fund - I haven't started this at all, not a cent. I'll try to get on it right after I get back from Florida. :)

3. Make treats for my coaches - I did! Twice! I sort of set my oven on fire doing it, but hey.

4. Mail "Snow" to Khy - I haven't yet. And I didn't get his birthday gift in the mail on time, either. :(

5. Swim 3X a week - I've been really good at this. I'm getting better (I think?) and even if not, I live for my time in the water (stress relief!).

6. Host a board game championship - I still want to do this, but I'm thinking it might end up being later this year.

7. Go to bed early and fall asleep listening to music - I've actually done this several times. Love it, as always. Good way to "reset," especially in the middle of the week when I'm low on sleep and super busy.

8. Go ice skating - did it! Cris and I took Ruth and Dari and then to the Silver Diner afterwards for vegan milkshakes for the dairy-allergic people, and it was a great day. :)

9. Complete a 30 day decluttering challenge - also nailed it! I'm STILL decluttering, even after the 30 days, but I took so much stuff to the thrift store and it was awesome. I'm definitely overcoming my fear of letting physical stuff go.

10. Do a Whole30 - I haven't done this, but I have been good about making a lot of small changes over the past couple of weeks, being a lot more paleo-oriented, and eating a lot less carbs. It feels good and I hope to keep the momentum going.

11. Cover dinette cushions - I think I might need to wait for spring to do this, just to get any sort of motivation. :(

12. Wash all slipcovers, throws, and pillows - again, doesn't this seem like a good spring cleaning chore?!

13. Read a new book - I have studied so much in the last couple of weeks, it reminds me of being in school. I did read a new novel, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was! (This isn't a reflection on the novel - I remember I really, really liked it - but just that my poor brain is overstuffed with coaching information and can't retain anything else.)

14. Arm-knit a blanket - I put this on my list before I realized that to arm knit, you need like 3X as much yarn as normal, meaning that for the price of the resulting aghan or throw, I could just buy the cute knit throw I've been wanting from Target. When I realized that, my motivation fizzled. Not sure I'm going to get to this one, to be honest.

15. See "Into The Woods" - saw it! Liked it a surprising lot! (Although, to be fair, it mostly made me want to go see the Broadway version with Bernadette Peters again lol)

16. Plan out Brittany's baby shower - still planning, but I have a venue, a date, a theme, and some ideas to focus on, so we're in good shape.

17. Plan a "date" for Valentine's Day - I had a date all planned out with Maggie, but at the last minute we ditched plans to have dinner with the family, which ended up being a cozy and restful evening in. I'm boring lol. But happy.

18. Watch Gracepoint - I did. I thought at first that it was good, but different, and then as the series progressed, I thought it was ok, but not as good as it could have been, and now I mostly just feel like it's crap. (I'm super, SUPER excited about Broadchurch season 2 starting soon though!)

19. Buy new sheets - I did! Orange! :)

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