Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Happy Things #2

- Swim started up again last night. I have never been so happy in my entire life. ;) The kids must have been practicing over break because I promoted half a dozen up to the next level! And tonight was a repeat; lots of skills getting mastered. I'm in heaven. (I just realized we're supposed to take another week long break at the end of April. Nooooooo...)

- Speaking of swim, I had a half-day off work today so I was able to take an extra long swim - no watching the clock (since I didn't have to be at job #2), no goals on number of laps, just the pure pleasure of moving through the water. I think this is what flying must feel like to a bird.

- The triplets are all speaking in sentences now - "Give me that," "I want a snack," "Where is the truck?" And, apparently, I have a new title: "My Sarah." As in, I walk in the door to a chorus of "My Sarah! My Sarah!" Or I reach down to pick up a tot only to have them snuggle into my shoulder and whisper, "My Sarah." My heart is full.

- I just have to write this down before I forget it: Miles was having a rough day and got his schedule interrupted, and he woke up in the middle of nap and had to be soothed back to sleep, and when it was his normal time to wake, he was barely conscious. I walked into his room to see if he was awake yet, and he stood up, his eyes still shut, and told me sleepily, "I need kisses." I picked him up and he told me again, "I need kisses. Need kisses." I was happy to oblige. :)

- I made the most amazing lunch today of steamed shrimp and green beans with balsamic vinegar and a sprinkle of Parmesan. And I loaded up the crockpot with a batch of tandoori chicken, carrots, and peas for dinner tonight (it turned out not nearly so well as my mother's, but hey.).

- It's probably time to post a spring bucket list. The calendar says it's spring, but it's hard to tell when it's so glecky and grey outside. And cold. I dearly long for sunshine and warmth. And sailing - I'm going to die if I don't get out on the water soon!

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