Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Things

- My boss brought me a Starbucks card on Monday. Not sure what prompted this - I've been dropping the ball left and right lately, lol - but it made my day!

- Also on Monday: I taught a perfect flipturn. I'd never taught one "from scratch" before, and it had terrified me, but I can now officially say I know how, and I have the kids to prove it (I taught it again to another kid on Wednesday, proving to myself that Monday's student wasn't just a one-off). It was pretty beautiful. :)

- The triplet's new nanny arrived this week from Britain, and their grandma told me I should see the makeover that Mom-Boss had given her room, so after I got everyone down for naps, I peeked in. Not only were there new linens, baskets, decor, etc, but there were picture frames filled with pictures of the nanny's family, friends, and home, some blank ones to be filled in by her, and a custom photo mug of her and her best friends. It totally warmed my heart! I've been the recipient of a lot of love from MB and DB, and I know the new nanny is going to feel that, too. Excited for them. :)

- I rediscovered a song this week that's I've been humming ever since - "Young At Heart" by Michael Buble. "Fairy tales can come true / It can happen to you / When you're young at heart..." It's a good song. It's a safe song. It's a "Everything will be alright in the end, so if it's not alright, it's not the end" kind of song.

- It's been warm(er) lately, and I've been driving with the windows down. Don't ask me why - this is my therapy. Wind in my face, sunglasses on, music up a bit too loud. (I may have needed to run the heater on my feet a lil bit to make this happen, but that's okay!)

- I wasted an entire day this week reading a novel that I didn't expect to like, and, surprisingly, did, and I had a to-do list and nothing got done at all because I moved from bed to couch to kitchen table and read until I finished the book cover to cover. (For the record, it was Gone Girl, and yes, it deserves an "R" rating, and yes, it was brilliantly written, and yes, I hated the ending a lot.) It's been a long time since a book has sucked me in so thoroughly (I think the last one was Book Thief?) and it was a lovely - albeit poorly timed, lol - escape.

- I found out this week that my boss was once involved in a plan to convert a dumpster into a pool, attach it to a trailer, and tow it to low-income neighborhoods to teach swim lessons to at-risk youth. Everything about this sentence is why I love my job. :)

- I dragged Ruth down to watch the swim meet at the college today, and after she survived an hour and a half, I took pity on her and we went exploring instead. We ended up at the Confederate Cemetery (which I'd seen, but never been to) and spent half an hour or so wandering around the adjacent memorial, barefoot (since the entire thing was under several inches of water), reading the journal entries of the prisoners who were kept there. All in all, not a bad way to spend a drippy day.

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