Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Bucket List

It's Spring. I guess. It's kind of hard to tell since it's so cold outside. And dreary. We've had maybe three days where it actually felt like spring might be coming through, but we've also had (what feels like) more than our fair share of gleck, drizzles, clouds, and frankly, I'm over it. I'm ready for warmth, sunshine, and flip-flops!

Maybe posting a bucket list will help? :)

1. Buy fresh flowers. Just 'cuz. :)
2. Spring clean (specifically, wash the windows and ceiling.)
3. Start seeds (I swore I wouldn't, but who am I kidding.)
4. Clean out closet and pack away winter clothes
5. Buy new flipflops
6. Take the new nanny out
7. Go on a picnic
8. Take Abigail on a Sweet Frog date
9. Go dancing
10. Go moongazing
11. Throw a baby shower
12. Write thank-you notes to my coaches before they leave for the summer
13. Install new solar lights
14. Leave a message
15. Get a pedi
16. Go on a roadtrip
17. Take the triplets to the beach
18. Go eat oysters at Solomon's (when it's warm enough to sit outside!)
19. Sleep with the windows open
20. Start repainting
21. Make a new "Happy" CD

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