Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Update

No long, intricate update today... Just a quick note to explain why I haven't quite gotten around to blogging, texting, Facebook, or much of anything else! This little darling has taken over all my time <and I couldn't be more happy about it>! This is my adorable cousin Abigail, aged 18 months. As of wednesday, I have become her nanny. My Uncle Chris has always been one of the most incredible cool people I know, and when he married Aunt Natalie it was as if the world's most awesome people had decided to join forces. It stands to reason their baby would be the smartest cutest child in history. :> At any rate, everything else has pretty much gotten pushed to the back burner this week as I've gotten a handle on my new schedule <early morning hours, again, for instance>, and concentrated on learning Abby's schedule and likes/dislikes. I hope to be back to regular posting on Monday <have you entered the giveaway?> but please bear with me as I adjust. Hope you have an incredible weekend!

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The Real Me said...

Oh, she's so cute! Enjoy yourself!