Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Treasure Hunting at WalMart!

Don't forget... the giveaway ends on Monday!

So yesterday Anna and I ducked into WalMart after homeschool co-op... we (ok, I) came in looking for fabric to make a new duvet cover/pillow shams, and we ended up finding lots of good stuff, mostly on clearance!

I've been looking for a gym-type bag that I can stash my yucky workout clothes in (we don't have a dryer, so things can take a few days to dry, and I don't have enough clothes to wear a new outfit each day... and I figure I'm showering after working out anyway, so whatever. Gross, I know). I saw this bag at WalMart, it called to me, I looked at the label, and it was on clearance for $5. I slipped the super-wide strap over my shoulder and fell in love. Gym bag, yeah right. I have a soft spot in my heart for mind-blowingly big bags. Today I shoved my computer, Bible, camera, etc in it and added the contents of my purse. I'm in love!

Anna, the incurable tomboy, was walking through the aisles and suddenly exclaimed "OH! I LOVE this purse!" I was expecting some camouflage monstrocity, but instead I like it. Sporty but adorable. It was full price but only $10 so I bought it for her just to be able to say I found a purse we both liked.

Lastly, my sister Maggie bought 10,000 bees and two hives last year and has been a little bee crazy ever since (we were outside enjoying the nice weather yesterday when a bee buzzed up... the rest of us backed away; Maggie crooned sweetly, "Well, hel-LO there!"). For Christmas this year, the kids and I found her a little silver bee pendant on a chain; naturally when I found this wallet (by No Boundaries, $5) I had to pick it up for her birthday!

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