Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Quick Update

So we're officially through the first week of the new year, and I thought I'd give you a quick update on how I'm doing with those resolutions!

~ I haven't heard any live music this month, but I am meeting my friends tonight to go contra dancing with a terrific band, so in my eyes that totally qualifies as live music. :)

~ I've been so good about blogging! I'm posting regularly to Taleia & Company, and I'm keeping my resolution to blog at least once a week to Girl in Skirt (though this one is going to be the resolution-breaker, I can tell!). I haven't done a thing to work on my Ed Resource blog... *sigh* I really need to buckle down and get with it!

~ No progress yet on a road trip! :)

~ I need to schedule an appointment with Tanya to get my hair done in the next week in order to keep my hair resolution. I may push this off for one week more and wait for life to get a bit more settled.

~ No progress either on the money saving front, since I temporarily have no income. As soon as I start getting regular paychecks again I will be working on this resolution in a big way!

~ I had forgotten all about my resolution to write a piece of poetry once a week, but now that I remember it I am really excited about it! Check back later!

~ I made it so far as to go magazine shopping, but I came home empty-handed. Any suggestions on non-fashion-related magazines?

~ I did crochet a new pattern this month! I will be posting more information (and a giveaway!) later next week.

~ I haven't gone anywhere by myself in the last few weeks... I am looking forward to taking myself on a date in the coming week, though!

~ I haven't set foot in D.C. but it hasn't been for lack of trying to set up a trip! In fact, the kids and I wanted to go this friday but the forecast was calling for snow. Oh, well.

~ The kids and I haven't been anywhere together for the last few weeks, but we've enjoyed hanging around the house, doing schoolwork together, playing cards, playing Wii, and generally being together for life. :)

~ I really need to start reading...

~ I really need to start watching...

~ I've been rereading some of my older writings lately and I really feel like I've gotten my own "voice" back lately. I need to find some time here where I can block out some distractions and work.

~ I'm doing really well on my resolution to wash my face each night! This is a great resolution for me since I can see the results almost immediately! And I enjoy not having to put on much makeup.

~ I also need to work on finding a moment to finish a short story and submit it to Connections.

~ I have a template for my new website... now I just need to get all the pages up and running.

~ I am right on track with my plan to read through the Bible in a year! Actually, I'm a day ahead! Anyone else doing this plan?

So, basically, that's what my time is being tied up in lately. What about you? How are your resolutions coming?

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