Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Very Good Day

It was a very good day today, a day where things went right without any pushing; it was like the universe bent over backwards to smooth out my path. :)

I woke up to a text from a friend reminding me that she'd be joining me for the service at church that day. Anything is more fun with a friend along! I jumped out of bed to get dressed, feeling just a little bit hesitant, since I'd tried to pick out an outfit last night and was feeling totally uninspired. Lo and behold, I open my closet door and all the pieces of an outfit just jumped off their hangars and into my waiting hands! (Ok, ok, maybe it didn't happen exactly like that, but it sure felt like it!) The service was great, lots of old hymns and a good message, and plenty of friendly folks clustered around to meet my visitors.

After the service I went over to my Uncle Chris and Aunt Natalie's house to go over the details for later this month, when I will be watching my cousin Abigail full-time. I am sooo excited about this opportunity... Uncle Chris has always been the "favored uncle" in our family since he is so close in age to all the cousins (and has always had incredible taste in toys, lol). When he married Natalie it was as if the two most amazing people in the world had joined forces! :)

At church this morning, a friend handed me her Wii Fit for me to borrow, so once I came home from Chris's, I plugged it in and gave it a whirl. I'm in love. I've been sortakinda wanting one for awhile, but wondered how effective/fun it would really be, but I'm now totally sold. Even the "Run" game I find more engaging that just walking on the treadmill alone (I guess it's the scenery?). This may find itself on my list of things to get - someday. We'll see how faithful I am to the treadmill/stationary bike/yoga routine in the meantime. Anyway, I ended up spending almost an hour and a half doing various routines, games, etc... such a nice feeling!

Dinner was olive hummus - mmm! - and Triscuits, and now I'm perusing my blogroll before going off to do my daily reading.

That is all. Nothing exciting - just a great day. :)

P.S. And I go back to teaching this week!!! So excited!!!

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The Real Me said...

Sounds like a truly great day! Can't wait to read your poetry.