Friday, March 5, 2010

A Week In My Life - Friday

Friday is my favorite day of the week! :) I wait all week for Friday night!

Abigail and I went over to my house today so I could do school work with the kids. I called ahead to let them know I was coming so they'd have breakfast, chores, etc done before I got there and would be ready to start, but it seemed like everyone was off in a million directions when I arrived. Grr! Don't get me wrong - I love homeschooling and the laid back vibe it accomodates - but I am getting frustrated lately with the lack of structure. Everyone is so far behind in every subject, and we have so much to accomplish, and the lack of a schedule just seems to compound my frustrations. Lol, can you tell it has NOT been a good school week?!? Any other homeschoolers wanna commiserate?

Despite a rough start, we got a lot done today. We started off our day in math; we began studying equations earlier this week, so today we used equations to convert tablespoons to teaspoons and back again. We're finally back together again in our spelling book (it makes giving tests so much easier when both twins are in the same place). Lizzie writes in her journal daily, and Allen is currently working through a language arts book; both twins read for 15 minutes a day out of an assigned book (Lizzie is reading Tom Sawyer and Allen is tackling Journey to the Center of the Earth). Apart from the daily reading/writing/math routine, we tackle one other subject - literature, science, history, or health - each day. Today was "health" day, and we were taking our first test of the semester. I had really low expectations, but both twins surprised me - they each missed one question!

While I worked with the twins, Abigail played right alongside us! We brought up a basket of toys for her, and she also liked climbing up alongside the kids to draw. After the kids finished their schoolwork, they took her outside to pet the cat, feed the rooster, and generally explore our little hobby farm. She didn't want to come back inside!

I fixed pasta salad for lunch, then Abigail and I headed back to her home so she could nap. :) She slept for the rest of the afternoon and was still sleeping when her mommy got home.

Since I got off early, I was actually able to take a little cat-nap before Maggie and I headed out.

On Friday nights, Maggie and I always go to our favorite Asian restaurant, Teariffic, and then go shopping. Tonight we went to JoAnn Fabrics since Maggie was on the hunt for some picture frames that had just gone on clearance. I had been in the store last week and had fallen in love with a ceramic owl, but I wasn't about to dish out upwards of fifty dollars for it! Tonight I found my owl on a clearance rack for $9.99, so "Harriet" came home with me! My room is taking on a totally different vibe than I'm used to lately, but I kind of like it. :)

At WalMart I scored a gift I've been looking for, a dress from the new spring line (at last! a tangible sign of spring!), and a hoodie clearanced for $3. It was so funny at the checkout line - I got my total and I was sure the cashier had forgotten something since my total was about 1/2 what I thought I'd be paying, but it turns out there were simply a lot of markdowns that hadn't been stickered yet. Nice!

Maggie and I came home and fell into my bed to watch a few episodes of Stargate: Atlantis (Joe Flanigan: are you seriously dissing Stargate: SG1 in your behind-the-scenes interview? Because if you'll notice that SG1 became the longest running scifi show EVER and you... well, you became a joke. A loveable joke, but a joke nonetheless).

I am totally wired on green tea right now, so instead of sleeping, I'm blogging. :) I'm also contemplating a massive redo of my room, this time with a plan and a budget and (hopefully) a unified outcome. With space for a rather large ceramic owl, of course. :)

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