Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Week In My Life - Wednesday

I went to bed so early last night, but I woke up exhausted! Even though I got up at my normal time, getting ready seemed to take twice as long, so I opted to take breakfast <a blueberry mini-bagel with cream cheese and an apple snack pack left over from my lunchbox yesterday> with me on the go. Abigail was already up when I got there, so we jumped right in to coloring, then watching Curious George. At 9 o'clock we got ready to leave for our playdate with the cousins. We hit the thrift store first, and I got some great finds: a bedskirt that matches my sheet set, wooden bowls to be used as planters, and a crocheted skirt that I'm going to convert into a backpack. :> We tired Abigail out at the playground - she fell asleep listening to Kevin Roth on the way home and slept most of the afternoon, then woke up cuddly, so we rocked and sang til Mommy came home. I worked out when I got home, had dinner with the family, did some work on the computer, showered, and went to bed. :> Goodnight!

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