Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Week In My Life - Tuesday

Tuesdays are the day I teach up at our church's homeschool co-op... It's definitely one of my favorite times! :) I love teaching, and I have an amazing class this year filled with incredible students.

I normally wake up earlier, but I was so on the ball that I got all my prep work done earlier last night, so I knew I could afford to sleep in, since, despite going to bed really early last night (8:30ish?) I was still tired this morning (but cheerful, which is a much better combo than tired and grumpy, lol). I got up, got dressed, etc, and as I was walking downstairs to put on makeup and run out the door, I glanced over into my sisters' room and noticed that Anna, who goes to co-op with me, was still sleeping soundly in her bed!

Now, Anna is the on-the-ball one, the one who has her lunch packed away, her books together, her clothes on and teeth brushed, etc, and then waits patiently for me to get my act together, so I was pretty surprised. So was she, when I woke her up (with ten minutes to get out the door). Apparently her alarm didn't go off. The good thing is that we try to arrive an hour before our first class so that I can make copies, help out at the info center, etc, so even running late we had plenty of time.

I teach two classes: "Film and Television" runs from 10-11 and "Composition and Literature" runs from 11-12. In film class, we are working on a short film combining stop-motion photography and regular footage. I had hoped to finish up our storyboard today but alas! it was not to be. Hopefully we can get started on the actual filming next week. In lit class we are seven chapters into Animal Farm, and I am loving every minute of it. I have always loved Orwell's works, but I am especially having fun teaching this novel, as it is so relevant to today's world. Last week I gave the kids an in-class assignment, in which they were asked to formulate a plan to take over the world using one aspect of culture (music, film, law, education, etc). Today we finished our discussion, then moved on to talk about some of the main characters in AF and their real-world counterparts. I can't wait to finish the book this week and start the essay-writing process!

After my two classes and lunch, Anna still has two periods to go, so I help out at the info center and chat with other teachers/parents.

Anna and Maggie have voice lessons, so I take them over (mom usually picks them up) and get a few minutes at home to breathe. :)

I'm about to go help get dinner going for the family, then I hope to jump onto the Wii Fit for awhile tonight, and make it an early night (again? apparently I need the sleep). :)

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