Friday, August 31, 2012

Fall Bucket List 2012

I didn't get half as much done this summer as I wanted to - marked off only 31 of the 51 things on my Summer Bucket List - but here's another season and another chance to make every day count! :)

1. Make molasses cookies and take some to Professor Maloney
2. Get a fall drink at Starbucks
3. Buy new bubble bath (hot baths are one of the best things about the cold seasons!)
4. Order prints of favorite summer photos
5. Write a letter by hand
6. Start early Christmas shopping
7. Take a road trip
8. Go to the fair
9. Crochet something
10. Have a "movie theater night" with the kids
11. Make pinecone bird feeders with Abby
12. Bake soft pretzels
13. Clean out closet and start a "wish list" for spring/winter
14. Start a recipe book
15. Find a new recipe for the crockpot
16. Do a pumpkin craft
17. Host a fall craft party
18. Go on a walk/hike to see the fall leaves
19. Visit the corn maze
20. Read a new book
21. Carve/decorate a pumpkin
22. Make hot apple cider with cinnamon sticks
23. Go to a bonfire
24. Buy a new sweater
25. Learn a new skill
26. Buy a new pair of socks
27. Pull out fall bedding and buy new sheets or pillowcases for fall
28. Go star or moongazing
29. Sleep with the windows open
30. Make a leaf craft
31. Make jam, jelly, or preserves
32. Go to a craft show/fair
33. Go to First Friday
34. Make treats to send with Abby to school
35. Go to a farm
36. Decorate for Fall
37. Go to a sporting event (soccer game!)
38. Burn a "Autumn Mix" CD
39. Snuggle with someone :)
40. Have a Fall photo shoot
41. Plan out Rebekah, Khy, and Joe's visit (in January)
42. Write something
43. Buy a new pair of boots
44. Curl up on a cold/rainy day and watch Bones
45. Eat some honeycrisp apples
46. Make chili and cornbread

I'll probably be adding some things along the way, but this is the start. :) As always, I can't wait to see what's on your bucket list! What do you love doing as the seasons change?

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