Sunday, September 2, 2012

All Fall!

It's September!

I loooove September. :) It heralds the beginning of Autumn, my FAVORITE season, and even though technically the first day of fall is really more than two weeks away, for me, fall starts NOW.

I celebrated yesterday by going and getting a Caramel Apple Spice from Starbucks with Maggie (#2 on my Fall bucket list); today I wore a new sweater (#24). I also got my new pair of boots yesterday (#43) although after trying them on for a minute I concluded that it's still really too hot for boots.

Abby starts school this week - an open house on Wednesday, and her first full day on Friday. This is really the only part of fall that I hate - sending her back to school. I miss her! :( But I have lots of fun things planned out - specifically #11, #15, #34, & #35. :)

Lizzie starts school this week too! (This I am excited about. Mostly cuz she's so excited lol) I can't wait to see how she does - not that I have any concerns, I just can't wait to watch her succeed!

Bring it on, Fall! :)

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