Monday, September 17, 2012

ArtsFest 2012

I'm trying to be better about enjoying the amazing activities and resources in the area, so when I got the brochure in the paper for the AnnMarie Gardens Artsfest, I was so excited! The festival sounded amazing, and I was double excited since I've never actually gotten to see AnnMarie Gardens (even though it's less than 30 minutes away).

Maggie and I invited Abby, Chris, and Natalie to go with us, and we had a blast!

Maggie and I arrived a little earlier than the others, and I enjoyed sitting outside of the art studio.
Everything was open to the public today, so adults and kids alike could wander around to the various art stations and create - clay, watercolors, crafts, etc.
Doesn't this look like fun? :)

 We were all hungry, so we went to the food tent area for lunch. There was jambalaya, cajun  chicken, turkey burgers, teriyaki chicken, smoothies, coffee, crabcakes, french fries, etc... Lots to choose from!

I think Abigail found the best choice! :)

The kids area was great - very hands on, lots of exhibits. We couldn't keep Abby still!

After we'd eaten, we decided to walk through the paths that had art displays and vendors. Abigail wanted her picture taken with all the scultures!

"Woman with a shawl"... and a four-year old :)

Aren't these driftwood horses amazing?!

So cool!

We also found this little suspended walkway through part of the woods. Amazing. Maggie and I want one now :)

Evenually we circled around and came to another kid's area.

"Mommy, I NEED a playhouse!"

We also checked out the indoor exhibits for a little while, but all too soon Maggie and I had to leave so I could drop her off at my uncle's house to go sailing. :(

All in all, it was a great way to spend the morning/afternoon, and I can't wait for next year!

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