Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bucket List Update

So I'm a little late with my update, lol. But that's cuz I've been busy doing all the things on my Fall Bucket list!

Okay, so, not all. :) But I've gotten seven since I last updated it!

#4 - I love having photos around me, but I'm so bad about actually going to the store and getting them printed out. This last week, while Abby was at school, I got some coffee and went to the Wal-Mart photo kiosk to print out some photos from this summer, starting with the first day our summer started. It was so much fun looking back at all the memories I've made this summer - spending lots of time with Abby, hanging with good friends around the pool, traveling to Alabama, all facets of the summer drama production, going to concerts, discovering new places, and on and on. :) When I went to the counter to get the prints, I impulsively bought a $1.49 orange mini photo album and went ahead and made a summer flip book. Love it! :) I think this is gonna become a seasonal thing.

#9 - As soon as the weather cooled, my fingers started itching for a crochet hook. :) So far I'm working on a sweater for someone special, and last night I finished a special present for a special birthday boy - a lion hat! :) It looks sort of like this, although larger (since he's turning 1!) and, in my opinion, cuter. :)
#15 - I was super proud of my very own Crockpot Gumbo recipe. :) Try it!

#20 - Um, I've totally read a bunch of new books since the beginning of the month! I just discovered the "free book" list on Kindle and I've been loading up my tablet a couple of times a week. My most recently finished book was Plague. It was good - a pseudo post apocalyptic medical thriller where a pandemic virus is unleashed in Hawaii - but kind of predictable.

#29 - It's been so lovely to be able to sleep with the windows open. This is one of my favorite parts of fall! I love listening to the night wind, the crickets chirping, feeling the breeze through the window, and watching the moon and stars as I fall asleep. :)

#32 - I'm modifying this item to read "/art show" lol! :)

#45 - I did buy a Honeycrisp Apple as soon as I saw them in stores - and man, I'd forgotten how expensive they were! I paid like $1.70 for a single apple!!! - and it was good, but I have to say I'm gonna try again in a few weeks, cuz the selection they had at the store wasn't great. Hopefully in a bit they'll be better!

Coming up this week: our country fair is this weekend (yay!) (#8); I've already brought up my off-season bins of clothing and I'm so looking forward to pulling out my cool weather favorites, packing away my spring clothes, and regaining some precious space in my closet (#13); and next week, I'll be making food for a craft party for a friend who's getting married later this fall and needs some help assembling decorations for the wedding (#17).

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