Monday, September 10, 2012


I don't know what's come over me, but lately, I'm absolutely completely totally loving the weekend.

Part of the reason why weekends have never meant all that much to me is that for the last almost-three years, I've had a job I adore. In fact, if I could sleep in every now and then before coming in to work, I'm pretty sure I could work seven days a week indefinitely.

And don't get me wrong - nothing has changed on the work front, and I'm still thrilled to go back to work on Mondays and see my lil sunshine :) - but lately, the slower pace that sets in around the house around Friday has been soaking into my soul.

And it's not even like the last few weekends have been full of incredibly amazing events or anything! It's pretty much just whatever comes up, whatever various members of my family find to get in to. :)

My favorite things:
  • Sleeping in. Oh, glorious sleeping in without setting an alarm clock!
  • Staying up late. Knowing, of course, that in the morning, you can sleep in... :)
  • Enjoying the crisp morning air.
  • Leisurely breakfasts.
  • Packing away the school books and supplies for the weekend.
  • Deep-cleaning until you're sweaty and gross, then jumping in to the pool, fully clothed. :)
  • Spontaneous swims late at night with the stars overhead.
  • Drifting off for an afternoon nap
  • Last minute "internet dates" at the local coffeehouse
  • Wasting a few hours curled up on my bed, reading
  • Getting dressed up in a new outfit to go hear a friend's concert
  • Baking goodies for Sunday school
  • Hanging out in the hammock
  • Late-night marathon Catan or card-game sessions
  • Putting away clean laundry (I don't know why, but I always find this relaxing!)
  • Crafting!
  • Planning out the week and seeing what fun things are in store :)
  • Funny moments in Sunday school and/or church
  • Driving to church on Sunday morning with Maggie
  • Coffee - mm! And "The World's Most Awkward Drive Through" at the Dunkin Donuts in Charlotte Hall :)
  • Late night movie marathons
Anyway. After three days (I am so lucky. Be jealous lol) of weekend, I am completely rested* and ready to go back to work and see my girl.

*Except today, since I randomly woke up at 3 AM and couldn't get back to sleep until a mere 40 minutes before my alarm clock went off. I was ticked. I have no idea what woke me up. Early bedtime for ME tonight! :)

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