Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to School

I spent some time on Labor Day mustering the twins and Ruth to help me get the "school closet" cleaned out and organized, and putting together everyone's plan for the year (pulling books, making a list of what I need to order, figuring out which computer which person will use, etc). Today we went back to school! This is especially important to me since this is probably the last year the twins will be homeschooled - I have a feeling that by next year they'll be full-time college students. Time goes so fast!

We have three homeschoolers this year - Allen and Liz (16), and Ruth (12). Anna (19) is also studying from home through an online college this year.

Liz will be taking three classes (4 credits) through the local college this year, one completely online. In addition to those courses, she'll also be taking math, Bible doctrines, biology, and government & economics (one semester of each). Although we're not using a formal curriculum, I'll also be working on her writing skills, doing some final prep for college English next semester.

Allen is taking two separate math courses, including Trigonometry, Bible doctrines, chemistry, government & economics, C++, and English.

Both twins will also be doing some intensive SAT prep, as they'll probably be taking the test next spring instead of next fall.

Ruth will be doing math, science, American history, language arts, spelling, critical thinking skill builders, and reading, reading, reading. I was amazed today to hear just how much her reading has improved through a summer of Maggie's tutoring.

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