Thursday, June 25, 2015

Busy Life Randomizer

- There's a really good reason why I haven't posted nearly at all lately: summer is busy. Busy, busy, busy! Somehow I always think of summer as a season with more time and lots of really great little moments to savor. And that's true, but the part I always forget is that, like a goldfish that expands with a bigger bowl, life just gets busier to fill any spare time. Oh, well.

- Some of those moments that I'm savoring lately: swimming with my coaches before class. (We arrive from our various day jobs hot and tired, can barely wait to jump in, and then act like kids until the students begin trickling in. Unlike my regular coaches, who always kept me at a respectful distance no matter what I did, everyone  here seems unfazed by my presence, possibly because they find my boss incredibly intimidating - which I think is just funny - and I look pretty nonthreatening in comparison. Connor is on a quest to be able to balance on as many stacked kickboard as humanly possible - his current record is sixteen. And as of today, there's a little friendly competition to see who can swim the farthest without thing a breath - again, Connor is leading with something like thirty five meters. He's got a wicked dolphin kick). Watching a friend's daughter and former student come in first in her heat at summer swim team (go Lills!). Cuddling up with Abigail on the couch after we come home from VBS, exhausted. Everything coming together in a rare moment of universal kismet for me to take a day off and go on a trip with Cris, Dar, Ruth, and Isaac. Eating fresh mangos cross-legged on the couch after a hot day while the AC cranks out frigid air.

- Some not-so-great moments: getting jumped on by a student - I had a heel mark on my abdomen for a week, but an inch or two higher and she would have broken my rib, so I consider myself lucky - and then getting kicked in the nose tonight by another (everything went black for a second and I almost called over the next coach, but there was no blood, just a suspicious scraping sound, so I'm assuming it's not broken. Again, lucky). The atrocious heat (which, thankfully, seems to be leaving) followed by the huge thunderstorms (which are a bit hard to sleep through when the WHOLE PLACE is shaking), during which I discovered that my kitchen window is leaking like a sieve. Lovely.

- We're wrapping up drama team for another year (last day of VBS is tomorrow, final performance is Sunday) and I'm relishing every moment. Lots of good times, we're all in our groove, and it's just plain fun to work with a group that's been together for five years and has gotten good at what we do. I'm excited about Sunday. And extra excited about having my Sunday afternoons back for long lazy naps when it's over! :)

- Tuesday will mark an entire month of drinking my coffee unsweetened! (Technically I added a packet of Sweet-n-low to a cup last week after I couldn't choke it down black, but I only took one sip afterwards before deciding that the problem wasn't lack of sweetener but crappy coffee, and I threw it out. So I say it stands).

- I am super excited about: going on a late-night girl's date to see Inside Out tomorrow after work. The John Williams concert at the college next week (and fireworks!). Getting to train with my coaches next week. Elena coming home (I MISS her!).  Really excited about starting a new swim year in September (although there's a month of NO swim between now and then, which I'm definitely less excited about).

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