Sunday, June 28, 2015

More Busy Life Randomizer

- Remember my kitchen window that was leaking? And those thunderstorms that came through? Well, we had another line of them over the weekend and I spent most of it wiping up the water that flooded over the sill. Lovely. One more thing to put on the to-do list (which, honestly, probably won't get touched til August and swim break).

- Tonight was our final VBS drama performance and we nailed it! So proud of my cast. It was a long day for everyone involved (we did lunch together after the morning service, then spent the afternoon blocking entrance/exits and getting the scenery changes figured out, then had just enough time for hair and makeup before the performance). The audience laughed more than they ever have in the past, a couple of us lost our composure one or twice and laughed also (which the audience loved), and all in all, another successful year is in the books. I'm tired. :)

- And I have so much to get caught up on lol... laundry and cleaning the house being at the top of the list. This week ate me alive. 

- I'm hoping that this marks the turning point of the summer, since I have no major projects planned for the rest of the year and no more major commitments. I'm looking forward to a slower pace. It probably won't happen, but it's nice to think about.

- Is anyone else doing any special Fourth of July crafts or projects this week? Abigail and I will be doing this straw firework painting project, making a red, white, and blue (strawberries, blueberries, and cream) icebox cake (I've made it before, sans blueberries, and it is SO GOOD), and finally, we'll be throwing paint-filled balloons to make "splatter" fireworks. ;) I'll also be doing the balloons with the triplets on Friday - I think this qualifies as a messy craft, dontcha think? ;)

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