Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday Morning Randomizer

- I have a week (and weekend!) of staycation that started on Saturday. I am so excited! A chance to putter and accomplish (my to-do list has been crazy-long lately) and relax (I bought myself a floating lounger and I plan to spend at least a good chunk of this week in the pool reading). And it's my birthday week! :) And on Wednesday it worked out perfectly so I could take the day off and

- I bought Abigail an inflatable dolphin for her birthday. I didn't realize it was six feet long.

 Nor did I realize that they also have a whale, a sea turtle, an alligator, a shark, and a stingray.  I'm thinking maybe we need to start a collection! (My seven-year-old self would have LOVED these!)

- I've had a little more time to cook lately, and I'm gravitating back to the paleo-ish  things I ate while doing my Whole30 last year. I'm thinking maybe it's time to do another one. Would doing a second one be harder (because there's no "I have to do it at least once!" feeling to keep me going?) or easier?

- VBS is next week, and the cast is in crunch week. Not really, actually. We're pretty confident (one person said "the most confident we've ever been going in."). I love these folks, and knowing that I might not be able to do this again (if life gets any busier), I've tried to enjoy every last minute of our time together.

- Lately, I'm aware that there is a lot of blue coming into my life. I'm not sure if you'd call it cobalt or royal, but it's been gradually making a presence - a new water bottle, a shirt, a handbag that instantly caught my eye. I've been finding myself drawn to it, almost unwillingly. Not sure what this means. According to some (very shallow) Googling, orange is all about energy and happiness, joy, creativity, enthusiasm, determination, and encouragement. Blue, on the other hand, is depth and stability, trust, wisdom, confidence, faith, truth, and calm. I guess my life has become more ordered, more stable in the last six months or so. Is this a sign of changes to come? (I'm a little apprehensive. I've liked the orange.)

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