Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer Bucket List 2015


1. Learn to drink my coffee unsweetened
2. Go see live theater
3. Go to the movies
4. Get a new singalong CD for the triplets
5. Take the triplets to the pool
6. Make treats for my summer coaches
7. Get a new toe ring
8. Get a henna tattoo
9. Take Abby to the lake
10. Take a nap
11. Make a Starbucks run for the VBS cast
12. Watch a sunset


1. Get dressed up for a girl's night out
2. Do a messy craft
3. Explore a local history site I've never been to before
4. Buy new sunglasses
5. Leave a really big tip
6. Go to a concert
7. Go on a people-watching date
8. Save money
9. Make popsicles
10. Tile the kitchen backsplash
11. Get my ears pierced
12. Get a pedicure


1. Go stargazing
2. Spend a day on the beach
3. Take a road trip

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