Friday, May 29, 2015

Life, Lately

- Now that the produce in the stores looks appealing again (for some reason everything looked really sad this winter, and I was reluctant to spend money on stuff that already looked half-spoiled), fruits and veggies have totally taken over my grocery bill. Last week I found this baby pineapple:

Apparently it has a soft, edible core and is super sweet. I'm looking forward to grilling it! This week the find was tiny bell peppers (about 2"). And strawberries were $1.50 for a big container! I bought two; might be time to make more of the homemade whipped cream I whipped by hand last week and was so proud of. ;)

- My birthday is coming up, it worked out for me to take a day off (from everything but swimming) and I'm trying to decide how I want to spend the day. Spend the day in D.C. in the modern wing of the art museum? Sleep in and putter around working on projects? Spend the day driving around corners of the county I've never seen before? So many choices! :)

- Abigail's last day of school was on Friday, Thursday was the last time I drove her as a first grader, so we did our traditional first-and-last-drive-to-school donut stop. :) I cannot wait for summer to start! So much fun planned and there's never enough time to do all the cool stuff we want to do (but we're sure going to give it our best shot LOL!).

- Last weekend I started my very first batch of ginger ale brewing, yeast, sugar, and all! On Wednesday, Maggie and I tried it, and I loved it; a little sweeter than I prefer, but still good. I'm looking forward to trying another batch soon so I can play with the sugar and ginger proportions.

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