Friday, May 15, 2015

Life, Lately

- My happy song: "Try To Remember" from Josh Groban's Stages album

- Enjoying: the warm weather. Letting the triplets play outside without shoes. Getting the water table ready. Leaving the windows open all day (and night).

- Things I finally got done: mowed the lawn (I forgot, I have allergies). Took down the heated hose and packed it away. Made meals for next week (shrimp ceviche; a burrito bowl with ground beef, black beans, bell peppers, tomatoes, and cilantro; tomato sauce with ground beef, zucchini, and bell peppers over sliced steamed cabbage; steamed salmon with broccoli;  and huevos rancheros with black beans, bell peppers, tomatoes, and over-easy eggs) so all I have to do is grab and go in the mornings next week. Sorted through Addie and Lucy's clothes and pulled everything that was too small. Bought them new bathing suits, and sunscreen and sunglasses for everyone (Batman for big brother!). 

- Things I still need to do: clean the girl's cage. Work on lesson plans for the triplets, and summer activities for Abigail. Think about freestyle stroke, specifically arms. Buy a new swimsuit before mine literally falls to pieces.

- I'm encouraged by: the way my green bean plants are growing (all the other seedlings I started died, so I'm counting on a bumper crop of beans to make up for it). Getting an unexpected raise at work. Unexpected grace.

- I'm looking forward to: this weekend (I'm going to hole up in my house and hide). The second season of Broadchurch (finally found it at Target, on sale for $20!). Going to see Much Ado About Nothing at my favorite theater next month.

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