Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Randomizer

- I had a fantastic weekend! I wrote before I left that I wasn't sure I was into traveling at this point in my life right now, but turns out, I do - I just like to do it on my terms lol. This weekend was a great little getaway filled with music, fun, and friends. Although I'll post about our time in Floyd tomorrow, Maggie and I spent Saturday watching our good friend and "adopted brother" graduate from medical school! It was so great to get to spend the day with him and his wife, his family, and many of our close friends. By the end of next month they'll be heading to Florida for his residency, and I will miss them terribly. :(

- It's gotten legitimately warm this week, spring is officially here, and I asked my dad to make sure my A/C was turned on during the day while I was gone (since temperatures in the trailer can EASILY reach much higher than outside temps, and I have no desire to roast the girls). I returned to discover that my place was hotter than 98 degrees (that's only as far as my thermometer reads!) and my cooling system was turned to fan instead of cool. Grr... This is one of the few things I don't love about summer in a trailer. I'm almost literally living in a tin can!

- The pool has been a wreck for the past week, so I came in early the first day to put in lane lines, backstroke flags, etc, and then came in early for the next few days to swap out the lane lines, trying to find the few lines that weren't broken, and pull the lines that were broken out of the pool.  One of those days I came in to find that most of the brackets were on the bottom of the pool. In the deep end. I know better (haven't been able to dive very deep ever since I ruptured my eardrum shortly after I started coaching) but I wanted the pool set up and I didn't want to be the one who asked someone else to do it, so I swam down to the bottom to retrieve them. Mistake. :( My ear immediately started throbbing and bugged me all week. A week traveling in the mountains only exacerbated the problem, so I'm babying my ears with ibuprofen, heating pads, and decongestants.  And sighing because I'm mostly deaf again...

-Everyone has been bitten by gardening fever. I thought I was the only one, but turns out, Cris has, too! When we arrived back at her house after our trip, she took us on a tour of her awesome container garden, rose garden, and asparagus patch, and her mom showed us her amazing planters (I want some!!!). Cris did her raised planters herself - aren't they awesome? :)

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