Sunday, May 3, 2015

May Day At St. Mary's City

 If this adventure sounds like it starts off the same way as Monday's adventure did, well, there's a reason why Cris is one of my favorite people. :)

 It started off innocently enough - Maggie and Anna were selling at a show on Saturday, so when I woke up, I texted them to see if they needed food, drinks, or coffee (because I'm pretty much the coffee mule for everyone. It's like, my role in life. :)). They called a minute later, put in an order (three pairs of socks, a peppermint soy frappuchino, a caramel soy frappuchino no-whip-no-drizzle, and a large order of Burger King original fries) so I dressed and headed out. While I was sitting with them an hour later, I texted Cris to see if she was going to swing by (since she'd said the day before that she was going to), and soon after, she showed up.

"What are you doing today?" I asked. "I just have to pick up mulch for my mom," she told me. "Other than that, nothing. What did you have in mind?"

I'd seen on Facebook the day before that Historic St. Mary's City was having a May Day celebration on Saturday, and - confession time - although I've lived here almost all my life, I've never been to St. Mary's City. But May Day seemed like as good an opportunity as ever, so off we went!

No  description of St. Mary's is complete without mentioning how absolutely gorgeous it is. I love the river! And how amazing is this view of the inlet?!

I love tall ships, too. The Dove made me (and Cris!) want to sail away into the sunset to live on a big wooden boat. 

 Take up the rigging... (I do so love rigging. There's just something about the lines on a boat that are so incredibly beautiful!)

After walking around for a bit, we sat on the outdoor benches and got to watch the Foggy Bottom Men do period dances.

Men dancing with scarves? Yes, please! ;)

Then we walked over to explore the old cemetery and check out the courthouse.

 Watching them prepare the May pole from the upper room of the courthouse.

 "Happiness often sneaks in through doors we didn't realize we left open."

Wait one second and Cris will sign that into law for you... ;)

Judge Cris

And, finally, the day ended with the Maypole dance.

Although it included a lot of small children, it was fun to see the pole gradually wrapped in ribbon and was easily one of the most fun parts of the day! 

All in all, it was a fun place to explore, and I look forward to bringing Ruth and Dari with us on our next visit. 

Also - new sunset-watching spot found in the old cemetery. ;) Best. View. Ever.

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