Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cupcakes For Connor

Connor is one of my favorite people. Some people have so much positivity that they can't help but affect everyone around them, and that's Connor to a T. I look forward to winter and summer breaks when he returns to coach with us; I say I'm looking forward to having extra help, another pair of hands, but the truth is, I crave the upbeat energy he brings to the deck. I love knowing that if (when) things hit a rough patch, his attitude changes a bad day into a challenge to be conquered. 

Lately, I've been thinking about how incredible it is to be surrounded by people who embody traits that you want to develop in your own life, and Connor is a great example of that. I'm the one who overloads under stress, who generally assumes the worst that can happen, will happen. Time to grow. Time to change. I have all summer to practice. ;)

Happy birthday, Connor!

(Cupcake deets: yes, I saw it on Pinterest - it was originally a sheet cake. The cupcakes are Duncan Hines vanilla, topped with blue raspberry frosting. The swimmers are made from peanut MM's and pretzels. The lane lines are regular MM's.)

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