Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Making Art

 Last year I was so organized with activities for Abigail. Each week had a theme (space, insects, dinosaurs, etc), and every day had a craft, activity, sensory bin, and lesson relating to that theme. She loved it! I was careful to never call it "school," "learning," or anything else that might indicate that we were doing anything other than playing (since she'd just finished a little bit of a rough adjustment to kindergarten and had loudly expressed her desire to not do anything school-related all summer). And she loved it.

We're four weeks in to summer so far, and between a week spent at the pool, lake, and beach, a vacation with her parents, and the VBS program last week, this was our first week of having a "normal" week, so when Abby turned to me today and asked, "Are we going to do any of those - those fun things - where we learn stuff?" Well, I was ready! ;)

Since Saturday is July 4th, our crafts this week are patriotic in theme. I've had this craft pinned for a looong time now, and I couldn't wait to try it!

We used four straws instead of six, and lots of colorful (and sparkly!) paint instead of just red, white, and blue, and I love how it turned out. (The only thing I would do differently next time is use black construction paper instead of white. I think the colors would really "pop!")




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