Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Eye Love You!

I've been wearing contacts for almost nine years and I've never had an issue. Never even had a "dry eye day" where wearing contacts was uncomfortable. Apparently the universe decided this should not be and decided to correct itself pronto!

On Friday I woke up at 2 AM in pain. I've never had eye pain before, so I got up, took my contacts out (yes, I do sleep in them with the approval of my optometrist), rinsed them out, went back to sleep. On Friday morning proper I woke up, they felt a bit dry and seemed kind of reddish, so I puttered around the house wearing an old (at least three of four prescriptions ago) pair of glasses, until I had to leave the house, when I experimentally popped in my contacts and out the door I went. No discomfort, pain, etc, and I figured I was good...

... until that night at dinner when I was not only crying out my right eye, but it was itching/hurting/driving me crazy and I couldn't WAIT to get home and pop them out.

Saturday I woke up and there was an unhappy red ring around my cornea, my right eye was bloodshot all over, and it hurt. :( I decided that contacts weren't gonna be an option today, and put on glasses. The problem is, the glasses were so out of date that moving around in them much made me feel seasick :(. I spent Saturday and Sunday doing a lot of stationary things, and when I woke up Sunday the redness was gone and while my eye felt a little tender, it felt much better. Which was good, cuz I didn't figure I should be driving with my crazy glasses.

Woke up Monday morning, popped my contacts in, they felt fine, and drove to work. I figured I could last through the workday in contacts and pop them out for good measure when I got home. WRONG! By the time we got home from gymnastics, I was crying again, and I couldn't wait to race into the bathroom to get them out of my eyes!!! I popped on my glasses again (sigh) and decided to try again the next day. Except that for the rest of the afternoon my eye hurt - badly! - and everything started to look foggy/glowy. I decided that I knew too many people who have detached retinas, etc, and called my optometrist, who was booked solid but said that if I came in, he'd fit me in somehow.

Long story short, my optometrist was wonderful! Not only was the wait really short even though he was really, really busy, he found me a free sample of the drops he wanted me to use, and waived the copay fee. This doctor is really amazing, I've been using him ever since I got contacts, and while this is my first "emergency," he's always treated me really well and worked with me during insurance changes, no insurance, etc.

The eye drops feel great! But make my vision a little blurry, so I hired Anna as my chauffer today to get Abby to school. Hopefully by Thursday I'll be back to wearing contacts. The seasickness has gotten a bit better after 3+ days of wearing glasses (though sun, glare, and motion are still a little weird) and overall I'm thankful for how it turned out. :)

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