Friday, February 17, 2012

Finding Inspiration

What a girl - THIS girl, at least :) - wants for Valentine's Day...

Every week when my running partner and I go out, I try to inspire us by pointing out how strong and fast our shadows look (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, lol). I tried to capture this source of inspiration on our last run, but unfortunately it was really, really cold and we were bundled up and trying to stay warm, so our shadows looked more... cold. We'll try again next week!

I love the new cups Starbucks has out for Valentine's Day! (I only wish Starbucks would create some marvelous drink for the post-Christmas-but-before-summer period to go inside).

I never, ever thought I'd become the kind of person to be addicted to haircolor, but... I have. I was trying to stretch the time between uses, but I finally gave in this week and redid it.

I saw this sign at Ross and now I want to make my own with my own "life rules".

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