Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Life In Pictures

I have been doing a lot of this lately...
Soaking in a bathrub with copious amounts of bubbles and a good book, that is. :) (Btw, isn't that dark shimmery purple truly amazing? Valentine's Day pedicure, gift from a friend :)). I'm not sure why, but last year - 2011 - was really lacking in the book department. I somehow assumed that because I owned tons of books, I didn't need to go in search of new reading material. I forgot that you need to keep expanding and enjoying. This year so far has probably had more amazing books in it that the whole year of 2011 did. It's a habit I intend to keep up, with at least one new book getting bought/borrowed each month.

If you want a truly elegant breakfast (or dish, period - check out all her ideas on what to do with them!) - go here and learn to make 6-minute eggs, courtesy of the amazing Rachael Ray. Every month, I am thankful all over again for my subscription to her mag. I ate the eggs with a piece of whole-wheat toast cut into points, some chopped tomatoes and peppers, and a dollop of guac. So, so good...

Abigail and I played out first two complete games of Candyland today. I am so happy! I'm gonna give it another few days to make sure that we've really entered the game-playing stage, and that it wasn't just a freak moment, and then nothing will be able to stop me. I'm thinking Mousetrap, and that game with the clicker-y thing in the middle that you use to bounce the dice under a little plastic dome... :)

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