Monday, February 20, 2012

A Reminder

My dad is in for surgery today to repair a ruptured Achilles tendon. While not life-threateningly serious, it's made life a little topsy-turvy the last week as he can't drive (his car is stick-shift, so that's out, and the other car he might have been able to use needs to go in to the shop for repairs).

Our house is a little topsy-turvy, too, since my mom decided to move most of the furniture from upstairs, downstairs, so they can work on the painting/sanding/1,000 other tasks that must get done before flooring can get put in.

For various relationship-y reasons, my house was not a good place to be this weekend.

I've been feeling just a little bit sorry for myself...

This morning I got up and checked Facebook to discover that my BFF's mom, who is in the process of surviving breast cancer, decided to go ahead and shave her head last night after losing most of her hair to chemo.

One of my favorite bloggers posted her father's obituary this afternoon. I don't know any details except that he leaves behind a large, young family, and there has been no mention of him being sick, so I surmise that his death was unexpected.

Another one of my favorite bloggers put her beloved 14-year old dog down last night (you can say this doesn't belong in the same category, but I've had to put beloved pets down before and I know this will turn her world upside down for awhile).

It's like a little slap in the face to remind me, it could be so much worse.

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