Saturday, November 10, 2012

Chaos... And Peace

I rarely feel like the Christmas season is "too busy" - I enjoy a lot of the activities that happen around this time! - but this year I'm already feeling the crunch. Between the church drama program (2-3 rehearsals a week), making all my gifts this year (constantly running out of supplies!), and regular old life, I've been feeling a bit stretched.

This last week, I was especially blue. Not sure why, nothing in particular going on, just feeling down and tired. Some folks suggested it was due to Sandy, the elections, etc, but honestly, I have been largely insulated from the storm (no TV at the house means no heartbreaking TV coverage on 24/7) and, to be honest, I didn't expect my candidate to win, so no shock there.

I got off work on Thursday and Maggie and I headed out on our usual Thursday night dinner-and-shopping sister date, except we were both tired, and decided to switch it up. :) After dinner (french toast at Cracker Barrel! Yum!) we ducked into Giant for some chips, dip, and juice, swung by the Redbox to grab a movie, and came home for a girl's night in.

It was heavenly. We piled into my bed with way too many pillows :), juice in fancy glasses, an engaging movie (Snow White And The Huntsman), and relaxed.

And on Friday, waking up after sleeping way, way late (so late that I'm embarrassed to say how late it actually was), I woke feeling happy. Rested, refreshed, ready to get going again. Able to be tremendously thankful for little blessings in life. :)

It did me so much good, in fact, that last night we did a repeat, this time with Arthur Christmas. We laughed, we roared, we temporarily stopped breathing. :) It was so good we'll be watching at again tonight, this time with the whole family.

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