Saturday, November 3, 2012

New Clothes

Recently, due to some conflict in the family (and them being offended over some of my outfits), I've had to revamp my wardobe, getting rid of a few key pieces that I had loved and relied on. So getting dressed lately has left me feeling... uninspired, at best. Ugly at worst. :(

I'm having a hard time reconciling my own personal ideas about modesty with the fact that I'm living with a lot of people who have very different ideas about what modest should be. And that's fine - everybody should be able to form their own opinions! However, not only am I really having a hard time "physically" - ie. finding clothes and outfits that meet their stricter standards and still flatter me - but I'm also really, really having a hard time not feeling resentful over the whole thing. It's kind of a day-to-day battle.

I've really been struggling to remix pieces and outfits with a totally different silhouette, and trying to find new sources of inspiration without getting frustrated that I don't fit the "typical" "modest dresser" profile - tall, super thin, with small breasts and hips, etc. Where's the modest fashion for the not-thin curvy girl?!? Anyway... I think I may be finally sort of back on track lately - I found several pieces recently that have helped me feel good about getting dressed!

For instance - this cardi from JC Penney. It's got a hint of cashmere which feels sooo luxurious, but it's totally machine washable and very flattering, plus it has ribbed cuffs and hem (which is great, cuz I feel like these are always the first places to wear and look old). I was originally going to get another one of these cardis from Old Navy because I love the one I have (in the "Goodnight Nora" color) and they finally got them in orange, but after I saw both I'm sooo glad I decided to go with this one instead. :)

At the same time I bought this cardi, I also found this amazing scarf - so adorable! It's got a big graphic block print in orange, blue, green, and turquoise; it's called "Picasso" (fitting, because he's one of my favorite artists), and was clearanced, marked $10. I debated and debated, and finally decided I just loved it way too much to let it go. When we got to the register, it was marked down to $7, and Maggie had a coupon so it ended up being only $4! Score!

Another great steal - this owl locket from Amazon. :) I got it on a flash sale when it was about a dollar (the price has gone up since) and I love it. Nice long chain, adorable owl face, and I love having the watch.

I'm still adjusting, trying to figure out how to make everything work for me, but hopefully getting a new infusion of clothes and accessories that I love will help make everything easier. And if anybody has any suggestions, I'm open to ideas!!! :)

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