Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Randomizer

~ This week, my mom found a reproduction vintage phone at a thrift store; she brought it home, and by this weekend it had been installed in our kitchen. I've been dying to answer it every time it rings with its cute little bell, but I swear every. single. call. we've gotten this weekend has been from a PAC (we can see it on the caller ID) and we don't answer. Seriously, someone, call me. :)

~ Speaking of the election, I am sooo ready for it to be over. Don't get me wrong, I hope Romney wins and all, and I am totally going to vote, but I'm just ready to get this over with and focus on the holidays.

~ Speaking of holidays... I woke up and looked outside today and it was winter. I can't describe it, but the light had changed seemingly overnight. The world is starting to look stark (not in a bad way, more like chiaruscuro or black and white photography) and the light is whiter, with more grey undertones (instead of the orange/red tones of fall). In the last week, whether due to Sandy or just the normal passing of time, the changing leaves have lost their vibrance. I can't wait to start celebrating a new season. :)

~ Fall brought me one last parting gift yesterday, one of my favorite things of the year: the end of daylight savings time, or Fall Back Day. :) My siblings and I celebrated by having our own little movie night, complete with popcorn, ginger ale, a Feature Films For Families movie, and, finally, a couple of episodes of Hogan's Heroes. :)

~ And finally, speaking of TV shows... has anyone seen Revolution? Is it good? The premise sounds interesting, and I've recently realized that I'm developing a love for post-apocalyptic literature, so maybe I'd like this, too? (I'm kind of running low on TV series I'm following, lol).

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