Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Randomizer

~ My Sundays feel really, really long since Christmas drama practice has been moved to 4 PM. Basically, this means it's really not worth my time to go home, only to turn around and come back, but it's also a really long time to "kill." I should talk someone into giving me a key to the church so I could nap in the nice padded pews all afternoon. :)

~ Speaking of the church drama... My role in this play has become rather more complicated than I had initially thought. What started out as a light-hearted role ha morphed into a study on Jewish cultural anger, the Holocaust, Russian culture, and Jewish family dymanics. And now in my spare time, I've got to memorize (at least, if I can figure out how to pronounce!!!) a Jewish lullaby. I'm thinking of this one.

~ Maggie and I got to go out to lunch this afternoon with some friends of ours, including a friend who's especially close to my heart. It was great to get to see her - I always feel so much better about life after I've gotten to talk to her!!! :)

~ Tomorrow, my friend Chrisy, Maggie, myself, and possibly Anna and Liz are going on an epic thrift-store shopping trip. :) Up the road about an hour, where the thrift shops are huge! and full! and everything is 50% off! :)

~ Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week already? Where has Fall gone? (Although, I have to say that I think my seasonal confusion is due to the fact that it's been ridiculously warm lately lol).

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