Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pinned: Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is coming up and I can't. wait. It's prolly gonna be one of the last holidays I get to spend at home with my sibs, and since we made such a big deal of it last year, I'm so looking forward to it this year.
So naturally, I've been scouring Pinterest for some good ideas... lol!
Abby and I made these adorable butterfly valentines for her class party next week. Cept we added gold pipe-cleaner "antenna" which I think are just too cute! :)

What a cute little Valentine's Day gift! I can think of quite a few tea-loving friends I have who would love a custom tea bag with a little "love note"! :)

If I hadn't JUST decorated my door for Valentine's Day yesterday, I would totally be making one of these!
I made these cute little candy machines for Christmas, but they'd be equally cute as V-Day gifts!
I. LOVE. THESE. Especially for my lil people. :)
I'm thinking this would be a great way to surprise whoever I draw for V-Day - do this to their door with a "what I love about you" note on each heart :)
Ach! So cute!
Again, I can think of a gazillion friends who would love one of these adorable bookmarks!
If I were throwing a V-Day party this year, I would be making a million of these as decor!
I can't help but think of my BFF, who LOVES books :)

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