Saturday, February 2, 2013


Lots of random things have been going on this week! Mostly good :)

- On Friday, I woke up and peeked out from under my covers to see that my room was just starting to fill with sunlight, and I groaned, because that meant it was 5:30 AM and my alarm was going to go off any minute. And then I remembered - it's friday! and I don't have to wake up! - and got to snuggle back down and go back to sleep.

- When I finally did get up, three hours later, I looked outside and did a double take, because everything was covered in snow! But that was okay, because I didn't have to worry about driving in it (and better yet, a few hours later it was all totally gone)!

- This week, I made sure to stock up on decaf black tea and fresh lemons, and Friday I think I had at least three cups of the stuff - strongly brewed tea with two slices of lemon and three Sweet-n-Lows. It's amazing stuff, especially when brewed on an orange Keurig and drunk from a fox mug. :)

- I did a random dive into the Wal-Mart $5 music bin (which I rarely do, it's usually full of crap) and found both a Johnny Cash compilation (love the man in black!) and Il Divo's "Siempre." I was sadly disappointed in Siempre. All the songs sounded sort of the same - sad and intense - and I just felt that overall, the CD lacked any sort of rhythm. But I did love track #5 - "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?" - and it's been stuck in my head ever since.

- Moving update: I've put out close to a dozen queries on different places this week, and I went to see two of them. The first was tiny (like, I was seriously wondering if I would be able to fit my bed inside th room, much less any other furniture) and was in an equally tiny house, with a roommate who didn't give me any sign that this was meant to be.
The second was also on the small side, but located in a great area - close to town, close to work, in a safe neighborhood where I could run - and the part that caught my attention was that in the first email she sent me, she asked, "how do you feel about the color orange?" Sign from the universe? Um, yeah!!!
Loved the house (sunny and homey), the room (orange! and spacious) and the folks (a lovely couple with tons of shared interests and values), but the rent is a little more than I had been wanting to pay, so I'm still contemplating... but it looks promising. I have another appointment this week, so... I'm still hunting. *sigh*

- I've become a ridiculous NCIS fan in the last week. It's sad how much time I've spent conked out on my bed glued to the episodes...

- ... In all fairness, though, I don't know whether it's stress, the overcast weather, the full moon, whatever, but I have been absolutely exhausted this week. Like, so tired that two or three night this week I may have come home from work and just gone to bed for the night. Hope I'm not getting sick.

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