Tuesday, February 26, 2013

There... And Back Again

This weekend was good.


After the last hour of (completely terrifying) (nerve-wracking) driving, during which our GPS declared us MIA several times, and I was positive we were going to go over the side of a cliff while making our descent down a mountain in Tennessee, we pulled into Robin's driveway and piled out onto the good, red Alabama clay.

And I felt what I've felt several times now - I'm home.

It's an odd feeling, because I feel just as firmly about my "real" hometown, but the truth of the matter is, over the last few years, I've made good memories there, and a bit of South has wriggled its way into my soul.

Enough philosophizing. :) We had a mission: to put on a bridal shower.

The pictures are still coming to me - I formally handed off photography duties, knowing that I would be too busy hosting without the added stress of trying to capture every detail and moment - so I'll be doing a picture post later, but in the meantime, some moments that stuck out for me:

- Zipping down the highway at 70 miles an hour. I don't think I'd ever driven 70 miles an hour. I kind of understand now why people speed - it was totally exhilarating! (But completely legal, btw, lol!)

 - Getting hugged by my BFF's mom when we arrived. That hug is always a highlight of my trips to Alabama. Few people in my life have adopted me so wholeheartedly, made me feel as loved as this woman; I will miss staying at her home after Robin gets married.

- Having one of the older ladies who came to the shower ask if she could take a set of embellished plastic cutlery home cuz it was "just so special." Go for it! :) Made my day.

- Reading "But No Elephants!" with mah Khy-bear (and finding out that, at long last, they've rereleased it in an affordable paperback!!!). Since I didn't get to spend a whole lot of time with him on this trip, that was an especially special moment. :)

- Hanging out at Lime's with Robin, Joe, Maggie, and Chrisy. Stealing Robin's queso (in all fairness, she asked if I'd share with her, but I'm pretty sure she underestimated my love of queso!). Taste-testing Joe's salsa concoction (pretty sure the man cannot eat anything straight from a bottle without "churchin' it up" first lol). Finding (and drinking!) Lime Jarritos at the counter (gotta find a place that sells these locally).

- Oddly enough, driving home Sunday morning, when Mags and Chrisy were sleeping and it was just me and my music and a long, long stretch of highway. There's just something about a road trip that lends itself to introspection, and it was exactly what I needed.

- And, of course, I loved getting to spend some time with my bestie. :) Although the time went by way. too. fast. And I'm so looking forward to seeing her again in a month, when she becomes a Mrs! :)

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