Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Starbucks Tuesday Link-Up!

It's Starbucks Tuesday over at Nothing Less Than Bread!
I have so had coffee on the brain lately... Think it has anything to do with watching NCIS and a certain coffee addicted character?
Nah... didn't think so. :)
Abby and I were going to go to the indoor pool today with her cousin and aunt, but then Natalie needed us to be here to sign for a delivery (antique doors!). So we cancelled and were gonna go see my family instead. But then the delivery people were late. So we cancelled and went to Michael's for Valentine-making supplies instead, and came home to start making Valentines for Abby's class party next week. Good day all around. But I digress. :) While we were out picking up supplies, we made a pit-stop at Starbucks.
My pick today:
Vanilla Blonde Roast

I can't actually find this on their website, but basically it's my favorite Veranda roast (lovelovelove) with a couple shots of sugar-free vanilla which complements it so. well. Plus, of course, me being me, I add lots of half and half and Sweet-n-Low. :)

Is it really Tuesday? I have no idea what day it is anymore... my brain is so muddled lately. :) Tomorrow, I have another appointment to see a place - this one I'm actually really excited about! It's a huge room with a "reading loft" (!!! be still my heart) in a great location. I talked to the landlords yesterday and they seemed like great folks, so I'm hopeful. I'm ready to get all this hunting/moving behind me already and get settled in somewhere.


Kellie said...

Hey, Taleia!! I'm sorry the link-up didn't work, but I realized that I could just add you myself! So I did and your link is up there now!! Yay!! Thank you for joining me for Starbucks Tuesday!! I've never tried the Vanilla Blonde Roast, but that's probably since I don't like the taste of "just coffee," even though I WISH I did!! Oh and way to rock those pearls!! I need to get some pearls myself!

Taleia said...

Lol- thank you, the pearls are plastic. :) My four year old charge popped them on while we were playing dress-up and I forgot to take them off!