Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Another randomizer post! Arg! I swear I will find something topical to write about soon. I promise.

- Abigail is at school, and I came home, and nobody is here. I have no idea where all my siblings have disappeared to. This is what life has become, now that the twins have their drivers license.

- Speaking of Abigail, we had a really nice rainy day yesterday. It was gray and dreary and drippy and normally I'd be feeling the lack of sunlight, but instead I was feeling good (the two cups of coffee I consumed before noon might have had something to do with that). So we went over to my house, picked up Allen and Elizabeth, and took them to the thrift store with us. Allen found a suit ($10!!!), Abigail got to pick out a plastic pony for twenty-five cents, and then we took the twins with us for a Burger King lunch date; the twins had to leave kind of early because they had class, so it turned into a just-Abby-and-me date, which we haven't done in months. Then we came home, and Abby sat on me while I laid on the floor (lol) and read about a hundred books before naptime.

- I have started writing again. For a little over a month now I've had stories and characters and plotlines and what now swirling around my head, like an alternate dimension that only I can see (apparently this is my defense mechanism for stress). And then last week I booted up my old laptop and began writing, and the words were just there. Since then I've been slowly but surely adding to my little story each night; right now I'm just working on a small fanfic, but I'm hoping to get back to my original characters soon.

- I updated my winter bucket list and was surprised at how many things I'd gotten done without thinking about it.

- This week I've been contemplating God's grace and the way it's been offered into my life lately. I've been just humbled by the many ways God has touched me in the last couple of months, bringing people, experiences, even song lyrics or movie quotes into my path exactly when I needed them.
I am just in awe, every day, of how His love and grace are so truly sufficient. Beyond words, really.

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