Monday, March 4, 2013


- I have my voice back (mostly)! So excited. I lost it last Saturday, and only got it back this past Saturday (though it got raspy after singing at church yesterday). Ordering coffee is so hard when the people at the drive-thru can barely hear your voice. :)

- Today is Maggie's birthday! :) Happy birthday little sis! I'm so grateful that God put us together - you're my partner in crime, my sidekick, my favoritest. I hope this year is really, really good to you. :)

- Shore Leave just announced their guest list for this year - and Amanda Tapping is coming!!! *cue hysterical scream* Tapping is my hero; I grew up adoring her character Samantha Carter on Stargate: SG1 (and later Atlantis) and loved her series Sanctuary. I made Maggie promise she'd force me to go say "hi," even if I stuttered and acted like an idiot. :)

- I'd forgotten that March is National Crochet Month, so in honor I decided to start a project I've had in the back of my head now for awhile - a slouchy beanie. After sorting through a bunch of different patterns, I decided on this "Urban Jungle" pattern and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it worked up, and how clear the pattern was. Five stars all around! I made one in some grey worsted weight I had lying around, and while I loved it, it came out more of a stiffer winter hat than a beanie. So I switched to some sport weight - also liked it, but still not very "slouchy." Gonna swing by Michaels on the way to pick up Abster and try it again in some sock weight. Hopefully the stretch/weight will yield the perfect hat this time!

- Still trailer hunting, and the excitement of the "hunting" stage is starting to wear off... can't wait til I get to move on to the "remodel" stage!

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