Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gardening (And Dreaming)

I'm not laughing at you; I'm just laughing because I've never heard of a Jedi with a veggie garden. - Robin

I've never had a green thumb. Ever. (I kill plants - and fish.) But last year something bit me (lol) and I caught the "country bug" - I was itching to have my own garden, and I bought chicks. The chickens grew into mature hens who provided me with delicious fresh eggs, the garden produced enough cucumbers that I learned to make pickles, and a tomato or two (though not a single, solitary green pepper - go figure) and I was hooked.

This year, the bug is back and stronger than ever. It's been months now since I started an "Outdoorsiness" board on Pinterest, and whenever I start to feel like spring will just.never.come., I self-medicate by taking a spin through the gardening section and pinning ideas for warmer weather.

And I started seeds.

Around here the general rule of thumb is not to plant anything until after Mother's Day - which is in May - and I needed to do something Spring-ish now. Luckily, we're right in the window for starting seeds indoors, so I went to Wal-Mart and picked up my supplies, and spent a glorious Saturday afternoon planting.

I bought a seed-starting kit very similar to this one (cept mine was a generic brand, didn't include seeds, and was more than half the price) and bought my seeds - spaghetti squash, cucumbers, green peppers, tomatoes, and brussel sprouts. I've since bought watermelon seeds, but I haven't gotten them started yet.

It's been sixteen days and everything is now sprouted, and the spaghetti squash is growing great guns. I swear I can almost sit there and watch it grow.

In eight weeks, my little seedlings will either get transplanted to a garden plot outdoors, or into containers (depending on my living situation - haven't figured this out 100%). I'm looking forward to spending time this summer tending to my living, growing things.

Of course... don't shoot me, okay? :) ... I can't help but dream, right? About what my dream gardening setup would be...


It would be a beautiful greenhouse - not neccesarily large, but big enough to walk into, so that on days when it was clearly not Spring, I could go inside and pretend that it was.

It would have a vintage potting bench.

And a cute little planting calendar.

And adorable upcycled garden stakes.

And lots of solar lights, so that I could putter around after dark, relaxing.

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