Sunday, March 24, 2013


It's Sunday, and that means a round with the randomizer! :)

- We had a great time in Sunday school this morning; almost everyone showed up at once (a rare feat!) and we only had one extra chair, so we were squashed together. :) We're studying Job and I'm being reminded each time of how much I love this book - the poetry, the symbolism, and, of course, the content.

- It's spring break week for Abby, and I can't wait! Gonna bring her over to see my trailer and play on the bunk beds, hopefully make a trip to Port Discovery, maybe do a thrift shop-and-lunch date with the cousins, and whatever other fun we can get into.

- One week from today, fellow bridesmaid (and friend!) Chrisy and I will hop into her ( car and "zip" down to Huntsville for a week with my BFF, culminating in *drumroll please* her wedding! I can't wait to see her, hug my lil guy (and read with him!), hang with her fiancee, and get another hug from her mom. :) And then, of course, the wedding.

- Speaking of wedding... all the bridesmaids are wearing silver shoes. I ordered mine weeks ago, and never worried about it because I owned the exact same pair in another color and they were some of my fav heels. Well, they came, and the different color meant they were in a different material and didn't fit anywhere like the other pair and I hated them. So I took them back. Which meant, I had no shoes. :( So one day while Abby was at school, I went on a silver-shoe-finding mission, hit every place that sold shoes in town, and couldn't find a darn thing. Cue mild panic.
Today after church - in another county - I decided to do the same thing, hit every store in that town that sold shoes and see if I could find something. First store, first pair I tried on, and they were perfect. :) (They're these shoes, except in silver, which apparently isn't available through the website) Ridiculously comfortable, adorable, and they were only $10 plus a military 10% off discount. :) Considering that I'd just been talking about God's providence that morning, it felt like God handed them to me on a silver platter. My God truly does supply all my needs - even the perfect pair of shoes!!!

- Of course, I couldn't help but notice this pair of shoes while I was buying mine. IwantIwantIwant...

- My season two of NCIS arrived this week and I've been enjoying seeing the early episodes/development of the show. While I definitely like the Gibbs of later seasons more, I was surprised at how much I liked the character of Kate (who had been - SPOILER ALERT! - killed off by the time I started watching). Made me kind of sad that she left, except... I love Ziva. And I guess if it comes down to it, I'd rather have Ziva, if only because she brings out so many interesting nuances in Gibbs.

- Last week, sort of on a whim, I bought the Kindle version of A Simple Act of Gratitude and read it. It brought me such a lift, humbled me and inspired me, and now I think everyone should read it. If you have a Kindle, it's $3 on the Amazon marketplace - buy it. So worth your time. :) I promise, you will have a better day!

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