Friday, March 22, 2013

New Digs!

I finally found a trailer! :) After looking through countless ads, and looking at lots of different models, on Wednesday I took my dad to go look at one that sounded promising; it was in great condition, the layout felt right, and we were able to bring the price down by $1000, which brought it - sorta - into my price range. (Still so much money!!! I'm sort of in sticker shock; no new car for me this year! But I'm still sure it was the right decision)

 I told the owners I wanted to think about it overnight and call them in the morning, which I've learned from experience can be a little bit risky, but I'm so glad I did because I got to experience the neatest thing: I went to bed and realized about half an hour later that I was obsessing over the decision (even though I was 95% sure what I was going to decide, that other 5% was killing me). I couldn't fall asleep because in my mind I was still doing the whole "pros and cons" lineup and I was too tense - that hasn't happened to me in a long while! As soon as I realized this, I told God that I was going to sleep now, and I needed Him to make His will obvious to me before I needed to call. I fell right asleep; the next morning I woke up exactly one minute before my alarm, and the first thought in my mind was a real peace about it, a deep affirmation that this was the right thing. I said, "Thank you, Lord - I'm get it, I'm going to buy it!" and the alarm went off. :)

The owners and I swapped cash and title this afternoon, and a couple of hours later, my new place pulled up in the yard.

So - welcome to my new home!

For those who want all the specs, it's a JayFlight, it's 27 feet long, and it's a "bunkhouse" model, which basically means it has sleeping space everywhere - which, in my case, is actually sort of a con lol.

My front door :)

Come on in!
Now, just warning you, the interior is nice, but it's not how I'm going to leave it. There's a lot of painting, new hardware, new flooring, etc that's gonna get installed. Bear with me.

My kitchenette - lots of storage space!

I'm thinking light gray for the cabinets and an uber-pale gray for the walls. And, of course, the ugly curtains are coming down. And the cushions are getting recovered. But that's a different story... :)

The master bedroom right now, though I'm contemplating removing the bed and turning it into more of a living space. 

Gotta love the under-the-bed storage!

At the other end is the bathroom and this little room with bunk beds. If I decide I want living space more than a spacious bedroom, I might turn the top bunk into storage space and use the bottom bunk as my bedroom. If I keep the master bedroom, I'll probably remove both bunks and turn this area into a study/living space.

Bunk beds! (Can't wait to show these to Abby, who's a little bunk-bed-obsessed lately...)

Even more under-the-bed storage.

I gots keys! :)
Although I can honestly say that I've been trusting God to provide me with the perfect trailer in his perfect timing, it's such a relief to have it sitting in the yard, waiting! Although I have tons to do - get it wired into the electrical/plumbing systems, repaint, etc - I'm looking forward to the process of making it my own, and then, of course, moving in!