Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Randomizer

- As you read this, I am zipping my way down to Alabama for the BFF's wedding week! By Tuesday night, all bridesmaids will be assembled together, and I anticipate a week filled with wedding preparations, good times, late nights, Red Bull and coffee, and beautiful, beautiful memories. :) Can't wait to get the good times starting!

- Random thing that annoys me: bathroom with big posters showing the proper way to wash your hands, including instructions in bold to use a paper towel to turn off the water and open the door - only there are no paper towels, only air blowers!!! Drives me nuts.

- The caffeine consumption has hit an all-time high this week. Yesterday I had two cups of coffee and a blueberry Red Bull, and I went to bed craving another Red Bull (I refrained). Sadly, this is becoming normal. I've been sleeping pretty normally, so I have no idea why I feel so tired lately, although the lack of sunlight is prolly the culprit.

- Speaking of sleeping... last night I had a dream that I was working at a police station that was kind of a mashup of all my favorite detective shows - it included characters from NCIS, SVU, and Castle - except that the squadroom was located in a Wegman's-esque grocery store, behind the produce section, which meant that every time we brought in a suspect for questioning, we had to disturb a bunch of shoppers who gave us dirty looks for interrupting their hunt for the ripest plums.
I'm generally pretty good at "interpreting" my dreams, but this time, I got nothing.

- Have you seen the new mugs at Starbucks lately? I'm adoring this one: each time I go in I have to pick it up and admire it. As soon as they get marked down, I'm buying one!


Charmaine said...

You should have moved the squadroom to the coffee bar.

Angela said...

That is such a cute mug!! I haven't seen that at any Starbucks around here but I love it!