Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I should blog... but I can't think of anything to say! :( I haven't decided if this means my life is currently too boring, too full of mundane unimportant things, or if I'm just too malaise-ey to sit down and write. Probably all of the above.

~ I've decided I can't handle any more dreary days. Yesterday was drippy and grey and I felt like someone was sucking the life out of me! After work, I went home, flopped on my bed, watched an episode of NCIS, fell asleep in the middle of the second episode, slept for a few hours, woke up, finished the episode, and went to bed. Very productive (insert sarcasm). At a time in my life when I'm so stressed out that I can barely summon the energy to be a productive individual on a GOOD day, dreary days just make me want to surrender.

~ My latest obsession: Tiny House Blog. Go. Check it out. Dream a little.

~ Speaking of dreaming, I saw the greatest quote a while back and have been pondering it ever since: "Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning." (Gloria Steinem)
Isn't that just the bestest idea ever? Makes me feel better about the daydreaming that I've been doing lately...

~ I cannot wait for spring, and I may have stopped to look at seed packets yesterday while I was shopping. My Spring bucket list includes "starting my own seeds" as opposed to buying the plants from the Amish. Wish me luck. :)

~ This weekend my sister, friend Chrissy, and I will be roadtripping down to Alabama for my bestie's bridal shower! I am so psyched. :) Nothing like some open road, stack of CD's, and good company. According to Mapquest, the trip will take us 12 hours and fifteen minutes one way, so in one weekend (72 hour period) we will log 25 hours in the car. Should be fun. :)

~ In preparation for the shower, I've been buying decorations, craft supplies, and other cute stuff like crazy! I can't wait to show you guys pictures of all the coolness - luckily, I can count of my friend Rachael to take good pictures!

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