Monday, April 13, 2015

Life, Lately

- Eating homemade burritos, baked salmon (still nowhere near as good as Amy's) with a mountain of steamed broccoli, Lara bars (mostly apple pie flavor. Wish I could find the key lime pie ones I had in Florida!), hummus (new brand with only "real" ingredients that is hands-down my new favorite!) and pretzels.

- Spring cleaning (mountains of laundry as I work my way through cushions and slip covers), finally and reluctantly tackling the ceiling (there is no good way to do this; no matter what you do, you end up bent backwards with a scrub brush trying not to topple over), working in the yard (packing away heat tape, planting elephant ear bulbs that Ryan gave me, giving my old plant stand a new coat of orange paint).

- Enjoying spring (open windows in the trailer and the truck; iced coffee; shorts and tank tops and sunscreen; feeling the sun against my skin), planting seeds in my little greenhouse (tomato, green bean, watermelon, and pumpkin) and praying over the ones I'm trying to plant in my life.

- Contemplating (how I feel so inadequate in almost all areas of my life lately, except, maybe, my ability to love on people. Maybe that's a gentle reminder from God?).

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