Thursday, April 16, 2015

More Happy Things

- The triplets and I spent all morning playing outside. I feel like someone just sprung me from jail lol. I brought out the easel and chalk, we dragged the ride-on toys back to the patio, the girls spent half an hour making baskets with the new basketball hoop, Miles spent just as much time happily "parking" all his trucks, and when lunchtime rolled around, we had a picnic. I got to soak up the sunshine, and everybody crashed, hard and happy, for naps. I'm so ready for this!

- Apparently I'm not swimming as well as I thought, because the past couple of times I've had longer swim s, I've also had neck pain. :( Yesterday I could barely wait to get everyone down so I could gobble some ibuprofen and lay on a bag of frozen lime beans. This morning I has still stiff, so I decided to skip. I've been trying to be hyper-aware of my head position lately, so this is discouraging. (It's hard to get better at something on your own without being able to see yourself.) I need to get Maggie to watch me swim and see if she can figure out what I'm doing wrong.

- Looks like our summer staff problems are going to work out! I made the conscious decision a few weeks ago to not worry about it, even through it looked like we were going to be in trouble (mostly because I'd just survived one of the most stressful weeks in recent history, and I just didn't have the brain capacity to worry about something I couldn't change, anyway). But this week, everything has started to fall into place. We have two new potential coaches, and a returning coach, and one of the current coaches will be staying through all summer, so we're almost there! Thank you, universe. :)

- Of course, getting new summer staff is kind of bittersweet cuz that means my current coaches are getting ready to head home for the summer. :( I've enjoyed working with them, and I'll be sad to see them go. Even though there have been moments lately where I've wondered if we'd hired a lot of college students or kindergarteners. There's the coach who hasn't shown up yet to teach his classes (after two weeks - the excuses keep getting better and better). The two coaches who started dating (cringe), and went to great lengths to coach their classes in adjacent lanes (I was tolerant, if a bit dubious). The they broke up, and went to great lengths to NEVER coach their classes in adjacent lanes (again, I was accommodating, if only because I was relieved it was over). Now the guy is trying to win her back, and apparently the gal has less sense than I gave her credit for, so there's far less actual coaching going on, and a lot of flirting and "swapping teaching ideas". (My tolerance has run out. I'm thisclose to just assigning them lanes on opposite sides of the pool and telling them to GROW UP ALREADY.)

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