Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Looking at the calendar, there's no way last week should have felt as busy as it did. This week, on the other hand, has about three times as much stuff penciled into it, but doesn't feel as overwhelming. Go figure.

I got a lot done last week, though! Began another major decluttering purge. Cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. Dragged the girls' cage outside for a major cleaning - bleach, scrubbing, the works. I gave them a bath, too, while I was at it (no bleach, just super-gentle pet safe shampoo lol). Zinnia didn't care much and got incredibly fluffy, while Zhiva cried in distress :( and looked like - well, like a drowned rat. The place smells much better now. ;)

On Saturday, we had another training session for swim, and I volunteered/bribed Ruth into being our model (for both legitimate and selfish reasons: I legitimately learn better by observing, not being the student, but I also love my job and I sort of feel like if my boss ever saw me swim as poorly as I do that he'd be obligated to fire me on principle). She did well, and I'm proud of her. This has all been very far outside of her comfort zone - first swimming in a class with other kids, then being used as a demo a lot under the new coach, and probably definitely being the guinea pig in front of a crowd (although she didn't bat an eye when I asked/told her, and said afterwards that she'd learned a lot). Like I said, super proud of her!

I came home last night to be informed that there was a police manhunt going on in our neighborhood, and that as part of that manhunt, they'd come by and searched my trailer. ?! My mom showed me photos she'd taken of them entering, and while not exactly upset, I have to say I'm kind of creeped out that there were strangers in my space. Also not exactly thrilled since the place was torn apart from cleaning/decluttering. Apparently they were tracking the fugitive's cell phone, which showed him on our road (our thick, densely wooded road), but then it started thundering and the chopper had to land so they all just left, with the armed guy still out there. I was tired by the time I got home, and I really didn't think much of it (beyond locking my door and deciding that tonight was the night to run the a/c instead of open the windows) but I swear I slept with one ear open all night. Every time I woke up, I thought, "Am I awake just because, or did a noise - the noise of someone breaking in! - wake me?" Needless to say, I was not thrilled to see the morning.

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