Thursday, April 30, 2015


- Thinking about swim (I'm always thinking about swim. I spend maybe ten hours a week doing swim stuff, and the other 100-odd waking hours thinking about swim stuff). Thinking about Baltimore, and about all the images I've seen and discussions I've had over the past few days. Thinking about the letter from my professor, and how I think it probably shaped me even more than I realized when I wrote that post.

- Wanting to be asleep; I'm so tired, but I had a splitting headache this afternoon and needed caffeine to get through the day, so I had a flat white plus an inch of coffee that I begged/borrowed/stole from my boss. Wanting to read Rachel Evan's book In Search of Sunday (my autocorrect tried to make it "in search of coffee" just now); I read the first chapter as a sample on Kindle and I'm hooked, but I think I want a real hard copy. Wanting to buy a fan so the air in my trailer will be evenly distributed, but annoyed that I can't find what I want (less than 8" blades, multiple speeds, pivoting head).

- Planning out a road trip to Floyd and then to Blacksburg, VA. Planning out a long weekend (yay!) and a nice mix of fun and projects to be completed. Planning out crafts to do with triplets.

- Making a to-do list (Finish cleaning the ceiling. Plant the green bean plants OUTSIDE before they take over my trailer and eat me. Fix the stupid broken compartment in my truck before drives me stark raving mad.). Making a lot of steamed veggies lately (thank God for microwaves!). NOT making much of a dent on the piles of stuff to be sorted that are everywhere.

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